Class Change on a Flight

Claim for Class Change on a Flight

If the airline changes the passenger's seat to a lower class, compensation can be claimed. This compensation can reach up to 75% of the ticket price, and if it also causes a cancellation or delay in the flight, you can obtain from €250 to €600 more depending on the distance of the trip.

The value of the compensation for being accommodated in a lower class will depend on the distance. If the flight is less than 1,500 km, you could get 30% of the ticket cost. If it is a flight between 1,500 and 3,500 km, it would reach 50% of the ticket value. And if it is a flight of more than 3,500 km, you could recover 75%.

Conversely, when the traveler is accommodated in an upper class, there is no right to claim.

When we talk about different seat classes on a flight, we can refer to the following:

Economy class is the class in which most travelers fly. It is the standard seat. They are cheaper, but even within this class, there are some small categories. Some airlines charge more for more spacious seats, such as those located at emergency exits, or those closest to the exits.

Premium economy class is like economy class but with some improvements, especially in terms of legroom. Sometimes it includes the possibility of using the airport's VIP lounge.

Business class is much more expensive, and its features are clearly better than the previous two. Seats can become beds, free drinks and food are offered, and sometimes they include a chauffeur service from home to the airport.

Finally, First class is similar to business class but includes more privacy and some extra luxuries.

Wings to Claim will help you obtain the maximum guaranteed compensation

In any of these cases, if the airline refuses, a legal claim can be filed.

If you have issues with your flight. You only need to click on ">Claim, spend 2 minutes following the steps, and upload your boarding pass. Our colleagues will contact you within 12 hours on the same day. And they will help you upload the necessary documents for free and securely until you receive compensation from the airline.