How much and when can I claim?

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Loss of connecting flight due to delay

For a long time, passengers did not receive any compensation if they missed their connecting flight due to the delay of the first flight. However, European Regulation has stipulated a series of compensations ranging between 250 and 600 euros for the passenger if they miss their connecting flight and arrive at their destination at least 3 hours late.

In addition to snacks and drinks after 2 hours of waiting at the airport.

Loss of Connection

We will help you claim up to over €4,000
Distance (original-final destination)) Compensation
0-1500km €250 + Right to assistance
1500km-3500km €400 + Right to assistance
+3500km €600 + Right to assistance

Loss of Connection + Refund

We will help you claim up to over €4,000
Distance (original-final destination)) Refund
0-1500km €250 + Ticket price
1500km-3500km €400 + Ticket price
+3500km €600 + Ticket price

1) Right to compensation:

The amount will range between 250 and 600 euros, depending on the flight distance.

2) Right to refund or alternative transport:

Furthermore, the airline must offer you the possibility to choose either a refund of the ticket cost or transportation to the final destination under comparable conditions. If the company does not offer you alternative transport and you decide to travel on your own, you are entitled to be reimbursed for the expenses you have incurred to reach your destination.

3) Right to assistance:

The airline must also provide assistance if necessary (hotel, transport to the hotel, food, drink, phone calls);

Wings to Claim will help you get the maximum guaranteed compensation

In any of these cases, if the airline company refuses, a judicial claim can be filed.

If you have problems with your flight. You only need to click on ">Claim, spend 2 minutes following the steps and upload your boarding pass. And our colleagues will contact you within 12 hours on the same day. And they will help you upload the necessary documents for free and securely until you receive compensation from the airline.