Special Baggage Value Declaration

The special baggage value declaration is a procedure that, in case of loss or damage to luggage, allows for the collection of compensation.

It is carried out at the airline that will transport the valuables, which assumes responsibility for the luggage while it is in transit in its possession. The process is done at the airline counter, although it is possible to download the form from the website and complete it to save time.

When is it convenient to make the special baggage value declaration?

It is convenient to make the declaration when the value of the luggage exceeds 1000 SDRs. The SDR is an international reserve that complements the official reserves of member countries.

It was created by the IMF and is based on five currencies: the US dollar, the euro, the Chinese renminbi, the Japanese yen, and the British pound. It is used as a unit in special baggage value declarations. It is exchangeable into freely usable currencies.

As of January 2022, the SDR is worth approximately 1.2 euros. That is, if a traveler believes that the value of the luggage exceeds 1,200 euros, it would be advisable to make the special value declaration.

How is the special baggage value declaration made?

To make the special baggage value declaration, you must present identification documentation, the flight ticket, and the completed declaration form at the airline counter. In this form, the traveler establishes the value of the valuable items in their suitcases.

Go to the counter

Show up at the baggage check-in counter of our company well in advance (at least two hours);

Have identification

Have an identification document (ID card or passport), the flight ticket, and, if possible, the "Inventory Declaration Form" from the airline, duly completed (or request one at the counter).

Inventory the luggage

Once the "inventory" is delivered (our declaration of the list of goods entrusted to the airline as checked baggage in the aircraft hold), the airline staff will open the suitcase to check that the items declared in the inventory are indeed present and the condition of the items.

We are required to close our luggage with a lock, padlock, and/or combination lock.

Know the limits

Declaration limits: In order to accept our checked baggage with a special value declaration, the valuation of the same must not exceed 4,000 euros.

Know the charges

Charges: the payment to be made for the special value declaration varies according to the airlines (Air Europa requires 15% of the declared special value, and Swiss Air 4%).

Know the legal restrictions

Restrictions: Airlines will not accept the check-in of baggage with a special value declaration in cases where it must be transferred for transportation by another airline.

Fragile objects (computers, personal electronic devices, cameras, etc.), samples or pieces of art, valuable items (jewelry, precious metals, etc.), or valuable documentation (commercial documents, passports, negotiable securities, shares, etc.) are also not accepted to be "insured."

Declared value baggage on Iberia

If you are declaring the value of baggage with Iberia, its value must exceed 1,131 special drawing rights (SDRs), but cannot exceed 5,000 US dollars per passenger. The cost of this insurance is calculated as a percentage of 5 per thousand, on the value declared by the passenger, and an excess baggage ticket must be issued. For example, if you carry items worth $2,000, the 5 per thousand is 10 euros.

Air Europa baggage value declaration

This is what Air Europa says on its website:


To check in delicate, fragile, or valuable items (glass objects, handicrafts, works of art, and other valuable items) that may be damaged during transportation, it is advisable to make a value declaration. Air Europa will not be responsible for any possible damage to items checked in as fragile.

Ryanair Special Checked Baggage Value Declaration

Ryanair offers a value declaration through an online form, for up to 2,262 SDRs, approximately 2,600 euros, but does not specify the cost on its website.

At Ryanair, we do everything possible to prevent loss, damage, or delay of checked baggage. In the rare event that this occurs, our liability under the 1999 Montreal Convention is limited to 1,131 Special Drawing Rights (approx. 1,300€) per person, unless a Special Value Declaration of Checked Baggage has been paid in advance. Payment of this fee increases the liability limit to 2,262 Special Drawing Rights (approx. 2,600€).

To check in delicate, fragile, or valuable items (glass objects, handicrafts, works of art, and other valuable items) that may be damaged during transportation, it is advisable to make a value declaration. Air Europa will not be responsible for any possible damage to items checked in as fragile.

Customers can purchase this service by paying for airport tickets, the fee for the Special Checked Baggage Value Declaration must be paid at each departure airport.

Before paying the amount corresponding to the declaration, an airline employee will check the condition of the items declared as special value and verify if it corresponds to the value declared by the owner. The suitcase must be immediately locked with a padlock or combination lock, and the baggage remains in the possession of the airline.

Generally, airlines establish limits on the values to be declared. It often happens that there is a maximum for this insurance, which usually does not exceed 5000 euros. Each company has its own system, and therefore, the values and declaration systems vary.

These baggage value declarations are valid only for the segments covered by the responsible airline. In case of combined trips with other airlines, all must accept the same baggage value.

Therefore, the valuable baggage must be validated by all airlines involved in the process. The traveler must pay the amount set by the airline for each leg of the flight.

How much does a special baggage value declaration cost?

As with all special services, the special baggage value declaration has a cost, which also depends on the airline where it is processed.

For example, Iberia charges 0.05% on the declared value, with a maximum declaration of 5000 euros. At Air Europa, the cost is 15% of the declared value. The value cannot exceed 4000 €.

What kind of values can be included in a special baggage value declaration?

The consideration of a special value object depends on the traveler. However, airlines establish restrictions that limit their liability.

In general, declarations of glass objects, works of art, delicate handicrafts, jewelry, precious metals, valuable documentation such as passports, negotiable securities, shares, are not accepted.

In all cases, the airline will respond by paying compensation corresponding to the value established in the declaration of the accepted items in the process. It will not exceed the maximums, although it is estimated that the damaged or lost items are worth more.

Is it possible to make the special baggage value declaration for trips to any destination in the world?

The fact that airlines have this insurance for the travelers baggage values originates in the Montreal Convention.

It is an agreement signed by 80 nations worldwide that unified certain rules for international air transport. It applies to companies that perform international transport between signing states.

In practice, this special baggage value declaration can only be made on international trips between two points of the 80 states that signed the Montreal Convention. It does not apply to transportation to countries that are not part of this convention.

What compensation can be claimed if the baggage is lost or damaged?

There are two possibilities:

1. The traveler made the special baggage value declaration

In case the baggage is damaged or lost, if the traveler made the special value declaration, they can claim the entire amount established in the process. As mentioned before, companies establish a limit on the compensation to be paid. When the loss exceeds that limit, the airline will be responsible for the agreed amount.

2. The traveler did not make the special baggage value declaration

The Montreal Convention also protects the passenger who did not make this declaration. In this case, they can claim up to an amount of €1,414 plus all expenses incurred due to the loss or damage suffered. Expenses caused by not having it will be included.

Therefore, in the case of considerable values, it is advisable to make the declaration. It is especially advisable when the luggage is of high value and its loss or damage entails very high expenses for the owner. Although the compensation probably will not cover all these costs, it will at least alleviate the outlay.

In case of loss or damage to baggage with or without declaration, all documentation must be provided to achieve good results. It is important to request the Baggage Irregularity Report (BIR) at the airline counters. It is an essential document to start claims.

If the airline resists compensation or minimizes it, Wings to Claim will help you obtain the maximum guaranteed compensation of up to more than 4000 euros per person.

Wings to Claim will help you obtain the maximum guaranteed compensation

In any of these cases, if the airline refuses, a legal claim can be made.

If you have problems with your flight. Just click on ">Claim, spend 2 minutes following the steps, and upload your boarding pass. Our colleagues will contact you within 12 hours the same day. They will help you upload the necessary documents for free and securely until you receive compensation from the airline.