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Problems with your flight? We claim for you, and if you don't win, we don't charge, that easy.

Leave your claim in the hands of professional lawyers and get the maximum compensation possible.

If you don't win, we don't charge. That easy.

You can claim incidents up to 5 years ago!


Having problems with a flight is not a pleasant experience. At Wings to Claim we work to defend your rights against the airlines and get the maximum compensation. We can't make up for lost time, but we can make up for money owed to you.

98% of our clients recommend us. Join us.

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Know your rights. Let us defend them.

  • Problems with your luggage

    If your luggage is damaged or lost, airlines may have to reimburse you for it. Follow our simple steps to make the matter more bearable until your compensation is paid. It's very easy, let us help you.

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  • Delays in your flight

    Are you stuck at the airport? Your airline may owe you more than just a snack and soda. Depending on some details of your flight, you may be entitled to compensation of up to € 600.

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    Flight cancellations

    If a canceled flight also cancels your plans, you can get compensation from the airline. There are some peculiarities depending on the type of flight and the region. Let us find the best solution.

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    Denied boarding

    Denied boarding

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    Link losses

    A simple 5-minute delay on your first booked flight can make you lose the link with the second. You are entitled to compensation for it, leave it in our hands.

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    Class changes

    If you have booked a flight in First class and the airline changes your seat to Economy, you are entitled to a refund of one hundred percent of the original ticket, contact us, we will claim the amount.

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Wings to Claim, more than 30 years of experience.

Claiming your compensation with Wings to Claim has many advantages.

Attempting to claim on your own can frustrate you due to the time it takes to process or lack of experience in the legal fields.

At Wings to Claim we are a large group of lawyers with more than 30 years of experience who come together specifically to process your claims with the airlines, having a very high success rate.

We have created a simple and fast way to process your air claims. You just have to add your flight details and let us fight for your compensation. We only charge if you win. After having complications with your flight, claiming should be a breeze.

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Check if your flight is compensable

Have you suffered a flight delay or any other problem in the last three years?

Give us your flight details and we will tell you if you are entitled to compensation.


Claiming your rights is easy with Wings to Claim