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Wings to Claim links your claim to lawyers of high standing and expertise and who are located in the country where the complaint has to be made in order to assure your maximum comfort and promptness in the process.

Our name says everything about us, Wings to Claim has “wings” to claim your compensation in all of Europe.

Wings to Claim counts with a network of professional lawyers who are members of the UIA (Union Internationale des Advocats) and are specialized in commerce and international law. They will claim your case to the airline and if necessary take it to court.
98% of our customers solve their issues trusting us. Give us a chance to solve yours.
We get the maximum compensation for you and your flight companions of up to 600 euros per passenger without any financial risk for you.
We charge 25% plus taxes of your compensation only if we win your case. You don't have to worry about nothing.
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Wings to Claim is the only service provider that claims your compensation by means of our team of high standing and expertise lawyers since the very beginning. This gives us the possibility of claiming faster and if necessary, sue with promptness and avoiding hiring the services of external lawyers.

Other companies work with personnel who are not specialized in legal matters in order to do the claim and in the event that the airline does not reply to the claim, they send it to external lawyers. Wings to Claim assigns your case directly to one of our specialized lawyers who will work your case all the way through. All communication is done through Wings to Claim so that you can always make your queries in your own language even when the lawyer is in another country.

Our wide and permanently updated database instantly allows you to determine if you may have the right to compensation and its amount.
Wings to Claim
Why Wings To Claim?
Wings to claim is the only provider that works exclusively with professionals. We have a network of lawyers who are members of the UIA (Union International des Avocats) specialized in international and commerce law. Every case will be dealt with in a personalized manner by our experienced lawyers. You will be informed on every step and every communication between Wings to Claim and the airline company. Our specialized and international team will always be available by chat, mail or telephone.
Wings to Claim does not charge you for the service provided. We work on a “no cure no pay” basis, which means we earn only if you win. If we achieve a compensation for you, we ask for a 25% plus taxes in return. If we don’t win your case you don’t pay anything.

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