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Was there a stopover or connection?


What airport did you have to connect to?


Select the first affected flight

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If your flight was interrupted several times, select the first segment in which the interruption occurred.
{{flight.departure.name}} {{flight.arrival.name}}

What happened to your flight?

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Select what happened to your flight to receive compensation.
Flight canceled due to COVID-19
Delayed flight
Canceled flight
Boarding denied
Problems with your luggage

Total amount of the flights to claim

No se puede proceder con la reclamación ya que la cuantía es insuficiente para iniciar acciones legales y poder pagar los honorarios correspondientes por la tramitación de la incidencia.

How late did you get to {{ user_selection.airport_end.name }} ?

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What happened to your luggage?

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Less than 3 hours
More than 3 hours
Never arrived
0 - 2 hours
2 - 3 hours
3 - 4 hours
+ 4 hours
Never arrived
0 - 1 hours
1 - 2 hours
2 - 3 hours
+ 3 hours
Never arrived
My luggage delay
Damage to my luggage
Loss of my luggage

When did the airline inform you that the flight was canceled?

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Less than 14 days
More than 14 days

Did you voluntarily give up your reservation?

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What reason did the airline indicate?

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Last step, details of the itinerary of your affected flight

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Please tell us the full itinerary to ensure we claim the full amount
Copiar final route
{{ flight.departure.name }} ({{ flight.departure.iata }}) {{ flight.arrival.name }} ({{ flight.arrival.iata }})
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Email Do you want your client to be notified?

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Enter your email address to check your compensation:
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